On 8 October in the evening we prepared new supply packages for Tambon Khayai. The next day at 0900 Hr we head off to Bang Pahan with emergency supplies in two light trucks. BPS Printing, BP Paper and SDR production – the group of Khun Mee - delivered us with 200 hot rice meals.

The Highway to the north was blocked by water south of the city near the Provincial Hall. We were in need of heavy transport, to drive through the strong water current on the Asian Highway. Transport prices start to be steep. A truck to bring food north to Bang Pahan was now rated at 4500 Baht for a single trip. What we used to do in 10 minutes, took us now more than an hour. 

In order to save out the money for the truck in order to buy more food and water, we got in contact with our village headman and through his connections we could have a free lift with a heavy truck to the bridge over the Lopburi River.

We arrived at 1000 Hr at the RV point, but had to wait nearly until 1300 Hr before the arrival of the truck. We arrived in Bang Pahan – Lopburi Bridge at 1400 Hr. The bridge was full of people seeking shelter, food and drink water; and completely filled with evacuated cars. Due to our financial limits, we had to concentrate the help only to our village.  There was no choice, as a day prior many were not helped out.

Here we unloaded the supplies and transferred them to small boats. The elevated road going from the Asian Highway to Ayutthaya’s elephant kraal was submerged at least 70 cm. In coordination with the village headman we organized two pick up points for the villagers: one point near the village headman’s home and one point at Wat Ton Satu, the community’s monastery. Goods were delivered and we returned by boat to the bridge just before dusk. 

At the bridge we received a lift from a crane truck to return to Ayutthaya. We reached Pathum Thani at around 2000 Hr.

Following are the donors of this humanitarian aid activity:

Group Ms Mee: PBS Printing, PB Paper, SDR Production.

Ms Tim Stocker (Switzerland)

Ms Jum (Lek) (Switzerland)

Ms Jae Bi - Rangsit

Ms Yi Kintakan - Rangsit

Ms Mae Hiang - Bangkok

Mr Phi Yaw - Bangkok

Mr Kem - Bangkok

Mr Anucha Pattanavaew - Rangsit

Ms/Mr Jum & Peter Meyer (Switzerland)

Ms Ama - Don Mueang

Ms Napornphat Rujikajon - Bangkok

Ms Im - Rangsit


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