Tears Of Indra


Today we went to Bang Pahan with the jeep from Somchai. We had to make a small modification to the exhaust of the jeep in order to drive out of the area and to enter our sub-district, just the same we did with Ot’s car before. The latter fell victim of the floodwater and cannot be used anymore. Ot Sai Mai is one of our best helpers, but have to protect now his flooded home.

We left Khlong 1 area after the one kilometer long boat shuttle with the zodiac over the canal. The 40 packages loaded in the afternoon of 28 October in Bangkok, still remained in and on top of the jeep. As rain was pouring out of the sky that evening, we had decided only to unload the hired truck and sent the jeep back with its load to Bangkok. 

Somchai and Nung picked us up at Khlong 1 and we continued to Bang Pahan. The highway was loaded with cars parked for safety and the declaration of a 5-day long holiday for Bangkok area by the government with the announcement that the Asian Highway was usable again, made that there was a chaotic traffic. We moved out slow. There is still quite a lot of water and ditto current near Future Park and Talat Thai. All cars had it difficult to drive through this ocean of water. The two-way traffic occurred on the eastern track. Once we left Pathum Thani province, the Asian Highway was dry, but the road was very badly damaged by the floodwater, showing large holes, sometimes 15 centimeters deep. In fact, the whole track we drove will have to be overhauled completely. Thailand is waiting a huge job.

We stopped at the Big C south of Ayutthaya. Flooded people were staying in tents on the parking inside. At least they were dry and in the immediate vicinity of food (if they still had money). The shopping center was open though with most of the small shops closed. The larger ones such as Home Pro, Big C and all the banks were open here. We updated the account, made a quick lunch, bought some fresh chicken for the villagers and continued to Bang Pahan.

At the Lopburi Bridge we dived into the exit road which was still the river and turned into the road towards the Elephant kraal. Without the snorkel we would not have made it. We were home. The elevated road was still flooded with 30 cm of water, but this time the water flowed towards the Lopburi River. 

We made a visit to our flooded premises, stored half of the packages in a side room, refitted the others on the roof for distribution and continued towards Wat Ton Satu. Where people were in need of food, we distributed packages. We could not continue further south towards the kraal as the water was much deeper there, so we returned back as it was starting to become late. 

We entered Khlong 1 in the dark and shuttled back over the canal to our apartment with the zodiac steered by “Captain” Anucha at around 1930 Hr. Somchai and Nung continued to Bangkok. 

When we turned towards the entry door it looked that the water had receded as the main electricity box was only touching the water instead of being half submerged. The waters did not recede, so probably the electricity company passed by or was it Harald? Strange things occur sometimes…


Supplies bought:



Supplies Rayong

Fresh chicken

Bill - Spread sheet Jayasoft

Bill - No


20000 Baht

     350 Baht

20,350 Baht

Administrative & Logistic costs: 




Exhaust replacement Jeep

Fuel Jeep

Gas Jeep

Bill - No

Bill - No

Bill - No


500 Baht

300 Baht

200 Baht

1,000 Baht

Total cost for this activity (donated supplies not included): 21,350 Baht

Non packed supplies & 60 packages remaining in Khlong 1, 20 packages remaining in Tambon Khayai, rice packs and drinking water remaining in Bangkok - will be used in next activity or activities

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