On 31 December 2011 Tears of Indra stopped its humanitarian aid related to the massive flooding in central Thailand in 2011. 

Remaining donations will be used for the program Under Garuda's Wings, focused on humanitarian aid to sick and disabled in Khayai sub-district and vicinity.

About Us

We are just simple people trying to help out a village of six hamlets located along the Lopburi River and completely submerged by the flooding which touched Thailand in the rainy season of 2011.

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Our Mission

We try to help Ban Khayai in Bang Pahan and vicinity in providing food, drink water, medicines and clothing to all who lost everything in the flooding. 

We reach out. If you’re ready to lend a hand you can always contact us via this site.

Tambon or sub-district Khayai is situated north of Ayutthaya’s Suan Phrik sub-district on the east and west bank of the Lopburi River. Khayai is part of Bang Pahan district in Phra Nakhon Sri Ayutthaya province. The sub-district has six hamlets; two on the west bank and four on the east bank of the river. It counts close to 2000 souls. 

Why Indra?

Indra (Phra Inn) is the King of Devas, Lord of Heaven and God of Rain, Storm and War. Indra is the "Liberator of the waters" in Hindu mythology. He fights the demon Vritra who blocked the rivers, creating devastating flood and causing great sorrow. Finally Indra, mounted on his three-headed elephant Erawan, will succeed in killing Vritra with his vajra and lead the rivers back to the sea, ending all sorrow. Indra sheds tears seeing all the devastation provoked by Vritra, hence our theme “Tears of Indra”. 

Like a bridge over troubled water

We will lay us down


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