Tears Of Indra


We had a boat ordered with “Prung” at 08.30 Hr to deliver packages in Lak Hok area. Prung arrived in time and steered the long tail boat into the apartment hall; we start to be accustomed to the view. We loaded the 90 emergency packages and went first to deliver some of them in an apartment nearby. Prung had not sufficient skills to drive to Muang Ek as the current was harsh and the boat large. He requested another captain to steer the boat. 

We had to wait the old man, whose services we used before. After waiting more than half an hour we decided to go to his encounter. We met him close to Wat Thamma Suk Jai paddling a boat. He took his place at the steer and we dropped his small boat near our home. We continued towards Khlong 1. Past Khlong 1 sandbags under the water blocked the heavily loaded boat and we had to destroy the wall in order to cross it.

We turned into Viphavadi road and after a few minutes of boating stopped at the Makro to buy fresh food for delivery. Makro had made a kind of a harbor and it was easy to access with the boat. Entering the mall was a bit strange. It was half dark and everything looked a bit chaotic. We had the feeling that the mall was going to close the very minute. Inside we found no water bottles and the availability of vegetables was very poor. People cannot eat all the time rice with fish sauce or “Ma Ma” noodles. Fresh food is as thus very much appreciated by all. We bought some fish, pork and the vegetables we could find.

We continued towards Muang Ek in order to reach Lak Hok. We boated through the small streets of Lak Hok and delivered emergency packages and fresh food. In this area no help arrived since the start of the flooding. The day before we passed here already with some packages and a villager jumped into our boat to indicate the homes with the ones who needed our help the most.

When everybody was served we boated through - what looked like - a large swampy lake and arrived in Rangsit South. The boat sought his way through bushes and trees; then a slump appeared. This area looked very poor. It was very poor. Some people slept on their roof, other sought refuge on the upper floor grouped in families. We were very kindly received. Everybody was very happy with our arrival. Help never arrived here. We paddled from submerged house to submerged house delivering the supplies taken in account the numbers of families residing. Close to 1300 Hr we returned back to Khlong 1, emptied of supplies.

Another party - Somchai and Bang - hired a pick-up truck in Bangkok and brought the water supplies stocked at Jayasoft to Khlong 1 as the location there started to be flooded. They arrived at 1600 Hr and shuttled the water from Khlong 1 Bridge to the apartment with Prungs’s boat, a one kilometer trip. Somchai and Bang transferred in total close to 6000 liter of drinking water in bottles. After having brought the nearly 100 packs of water in safety on the third floor of the apartment, we had it for the day. Time for a break.

Supplies bought: 



Bill - Yes


3268 Baht

3,268 Baht

Remark: Most of the supplies brought from Bangkok on 28 October were used here. The value is already logged in the activity of 29 October. 

Supplies donated: 



Jayasoft Rayong 

Comp Gamer

Donation in goods

Donation in goods 

Value 4,040 Baht

Value 5,410 Baht 

Administrative & Logistic costs: 










Jeep Fuel (Bangkok)

Rent Pick-up (Bangkok)

Rent boat (Bangkok)

Helpers (200 Baht) x 2

Fuel Honda motor

Rent boat (Lak Hok)

Rent truck (Water)

Soft drinks x 5

Helpers (200 Baht) x 3

Bill - No

Bill - No

Bill - No

Bill - No

Bill -Yes

Bill - No

Bill - No

Bill - No

Bill - No


  300 Baht

1000 Baht

  500 Baht

  400 Baht

  180 Baht

2000 Baht

  800 Baht

    75 Baht

  600 Baht

5,885 Baht

Total cost for this activity (donated supplies not included): 9,123 Baht: 

Remark: The costs here above include the ones made on 28 Oct (Bangkok – pick up supplies) and on 30 Oct (Lak Hok – supplies delivery with zodiac). 

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