On 5 October in the evening - shortly after returning from Ang Thong - there was a sudden surge of the Lopburi River. The water quickly rose with 30 cm. We hurried to bring all remaining emergency supplies - planned to be delivered the next day in the afternoon - in safety in the back of our truck.  In the morning of 6 October we had urgent administration planned in Bangkok.

Rumors ran that the Bang Duea Water Regulator was opened to release the water which was flooding the area just north of Tambon Khayai. The Bang Duea canal is linked on the east to the Pa Sak River; so likely some water from the Pa Sak ran into the Lopburi. A water gate in Sing Buri broke down and instead of sending the run off to the Chao Phraya River, all water descended into the Lopburi River. 

In the morning of 6 October a new surge occurred. The water was rising very fast, and we had to bring the cars in safety. Villagers said they heard that the road from the Elephant Kraal towards the Asian Highway running along Suan Phrik and Khayai would be inundated about 1 meter (which proved indeed correct). The water current became so strong that it was impossible to bring the emergency packages south to Wat Ton Satu.  As we had urgent administration to do in Bangkok and likely could not return to our village, we decided to give support from an area north of Bangkok – Khlong 1.

As we had 60 emergency packages in our car and people were in need, we organized a packages dump on the road in front of the Technical Service (O.B.T.) of the sub-district and informed the people of Khayai to pick-up the packs near the communal building.

Following are the donors of this humanitarian aid activity:

Ms Tim Stocker (Switzerland)

Ms Jum (Lek) (Switzerland)

Ms Jae Bi - Rangsit

Ms Yi Kintakan - Rangsit

Ms Mae Hiang - Bangkok

Mr Phi Yaw - Bangkok

Mr Kem - Bangkok

Mr Anucha Pattanavaew - Rangsit

Ms/Mr Jum & Peter Meyer (Switzerland)

Ms Ama - Don Mueang

Ms Napornphat Rujikajon - Bangkok

Ms Im - Rangsit 

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