Tambon Khayai was swept away from the map by the surging Lopburi River. Village people stay on their roofs without food and water. We tried to find a way to get back to our village. 

As the day before we came down to Bangkok over an inundated, chaotic Asian Highway, this route was surely out of bounds. We made a reconnaissance over the road west of Ayutthaya in order to find a bypass, but past Thung Worachet, in direction of Thung Makham Yong, we encountered a wall of water, impossible to penetrate by car. 

We returned to Worachet and turned into the flooded road to Ayutthaya. We succeeded in passing the Sena Bridge and turned north over U-Thong road passing Chedi Suriyothai and the Ancient Palace. It looked like a theater of war. 

We could reach Wang Na or the Front Palace, but the water was close to pour over the earthen protection wall. We managed to contact Khun Tip and with her boat we went upstream the Lopburi River and reached Tambon Khayai, where we dropped some emergency supplies. We made plans for the next day to deliver supplies to Khayai by boat and returned to the Wang Na pier.

We left the city again partly over U-Thong and we saw already the water of the old Lopburi River - now Khlong Mueang - seeping through the one meter high earthen wall. 

We realized, we probably had to change plans again. We left the city of Ayutthaya and tens of minutes later the water breached the wall near the Maha Rat Bridge in front of Wat Racha Pradit Sathan (Wat Rat) and on many more places around Ayutthaya. 

The water engulfed the city and the city island became part of the river. In a dark mood we returned to Pathum Thani. After consolidation, we decided to try again the next day. 

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