Tears Of Indra


1 December 2011

After the activity Back to School of 30 November, we started preparing the activity Restore Life I planned on 10 and 11 December 2011. With help of some villagers of Tambon Khayai, the goods for the sets were unpacked and the sets being constituted. We had still to order and buy some supplies to complete the sets; made the administration; ordered the food from the different shops in Tambon Khayai for both days and made the necessary arrangements with the head monk of the temple.

We are in coordination with the sub-district doctor busy to list all sick children (including hospitalized) and disabled persons. Pia visited together with the doctor, already a number of disabled people in Khayai.

2 December 2011

On 2 December Pia continued her visit with the sub-district doctor to the eldest and disabled persons, logging down their needs.

On 3 December she went helping out in Ban Mi in Lopburi province as she heard still many families were flooded in that area. 

7 December 2011

On 7 December a short visit was done to Suan Phrik, adjacent to Khayai sub-district to help out a still flooded family of ten people. Many of them are disabled. They were flooded until the roof and still could not go to their house. Next to supplies we gave some of the items donated by the staff of the Embassy of Belgium to the children. They are still in need of rice, which will be delivered as soon as possible.

On 8 and 9 December the whole focus lay upon the upcoming weekend. Three hundred rice bags were delivered and stocked in the temple. Also three hundred individual sets were readied during these two days. It was good we prepared a reserve of ten containers as a few of these plastic boxes were damaged and need to be exchanged; but no stock was available at the moment. On Friday 9 December in the afternoon we transported the 150 filled plastic containers with our vehicle to the vihara in the temple, were we stocked them nicely against the wall. End of another day in Tambon Khayai.

Supplies bought: 




Clothing woman (50)



Bill - Yes

Bill - Yes

Bill - Yes


5,000 Baht

2,649 Baht

   680 Baht

8,329 Baht

Administrative & Logistic costs:



Bill - Yes 


600 Baht

600 Baht 

Total cost for this activity: 8,929 Baht

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