Tears Of Indra


On Friday 11 November in the morning, we went visiting the old man again. This time he looked already in better shape. His fever came down, but he has likely to stay an extra week in the hospital to recover. We ordered one hundred rice meals and Thai sweets based on rice at a local shop as part of the village “reactivation”. In the afternoon we went to deliver these ready warm meals in Tambon Khayai and vicinity. 

On Saturday 12 November we drove to Bangkok to pick up the goods kindly offered by Guy Turf (Bangkok) of OrgaThai. Guy donated 170 polo-shirts to “Tears of Indra”, which will be used in the activity “Restore Life”.

On Sunday 13 November we received the goods bought and donated by Markus & Daeng Rellstab and Peter & Sybille Krauer (a small part is paid by Tear of Indra funds). Lizzy Michael arranged the transport of the special supplies from Hua Hin to Bang Pahan. 

Pia & Dawit went out late afternoon to deliver 45 meals egg soup, rice, sai krok (kind of Thai sausage) to the ones in need in our area. All distributed meals were prepared in the sub-district in a trial to stimulate the village economy. 


Supplies bought: 





Water, milk, etc


Rice meal, Thai sweets

Egg soup, rice, sai krok

Bill - Yes

Bill - Yes

Bill - Yes

Bill - No


2,295 Baht

1,180 Baht

3,180 Baht

1,520 Baht

8,175 Baht

Administrative & Logistic costs: None

Total cost for this activity: 8,175 Baht

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