Tears Of Indra


On Sunday 20 November we went looking the whole day to buy goods for Restore Life I. We could buy already most of the items with the exception of the plastic trunks, the blankets and the rice bags.

On Monday 21 November we went to distribute clothing which we bought at Khlong 1 and the polo-shirts we received from Mr Guy Turf (Bangkok). We ordered also for 1000 Baht rice sweets from Phitsanulok in order to change a bit the local menu.

On Tuesday, Pia and Dawit went shopping goods again for Restore Life and in the afternoon with the help of some people of Tambon Khayai, we started to prepare the items for the 300 (+) individual sets. Late afternoon we went out to continue to deliver clothing, polo-shirts and rice sweets.

On Wednesday, we RV-ed with some of the staff of the Embassy of Belgium (Bangkok) at Ayutthaya. The gentle people of the Belgian embassy gathered funds and bought the main part of the blankets for Restore Life I. They also donated a number of other items to distribute such as children clothing, children sweets, etc. We are thanking them for their kind help.

Late afternoon we continued to deliver clothing, polo-shirts and rice sweets this time on the east bank of the Lopburi River in Tambon Khayai.

Supplies bought: 



Misc Clothing - Khlong 1

Rice sweets Phitsanulok

Bill - Yes

Bill - No


 25,660 Baht

   1,000 Baht

26,660 Baht

Supplies donated:

170 polo-shirts by Mr Guy Turf (Bangkok) 

Administrative & Logistic costs:



Bill - Yes 


1,400 Baht

1,400 Baht 

Total cost for this activity: 28,060 Baht

A part of the clothing bought at Khlong 1 mentioned above will be used in Restore Life I 

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